I recently started my journey as a Barber…yep…that’s right. I am super excited to shift my focus to the art of barbering. My dad was a barber from before I was born until the day he passed…my mom was a beautician up until I was born. I still have mom and dad’s licences hanging in my family room. While pacing the floor one evening while being out of work and not able to find anything…it just hit me…THAT is what I need to do…BE A BARBER !!! It’s in me…it’s what I need to do.

I am currently attending Akron Barber College and LOVE it.  If you would like, you can schedule an appointment with me HERE. I am looking forward to sharing my barbering journey with you and earning your business in the shop.

Behind the scenes at 49′ Ford truck shoot
Chris A. Photography
Aluminum print of 49′ Ford F1 truck
couple anniversary photos portage lakes ohio
The coldest…but warmest photo shoot ever