Snowmobiling in Michigan

My mom took this photo back in February 1972. That’s me in the front there…the little guy. We used to do a lot of snowmobiling in Michigan. Pictured left to right is my Aunt JoAnn Echelberger, Dorothy Landis, Joyce McGuire, my Uncle Dick Echelberger, Don Landis, Stanton McGuire and my dad. I LOVE their style, the slim fit pants.almost too short…ankle boots…smokin’ cigs…LOVE it ! These sure were some good times. I think I wanna get a snowmobile or Four wheeler or something someday for the kids.


1949 Ford F1 truck
Taylor – Pinup Model – High School Senior
Lydia CAD Audio headphones Joel Echelberger Photography
Lydia – CAD Audio
Test image using the new 40″ Cowboy Studio Photo Soft Box Light Tent
Adriana H.