Rockin’ the drum kit

This is how you drive your parents crazy…rock a drum kit. I would want nothing more than to come home from school and put on a record and my headphones and to just start rockin’ out on my drums. It worked out great in the summer because mom and dad could go outside and not be bothered by all the rockin’. Actually mom and dad would join in on my rock sessions sometimes…even though my folks couldn’t play a single note. Dad would be the singer and mom was the guitar player. We had a blast. I would put on little concerts for my friends too. I even took those old beer can pull tabs and hooked them together to form a chain and draped them around my drums like I was Peter Criss or something. Yes…my favorite band was Kiss.

Joel drums

Tim Strickland family
The Strickland family – Akron,Ohio
StarbucksĀ® Blonde Roast Coffees
This is my go to Starbucks flavor right now
Mason H.