Grow your own

Kids…don’t try this at home !! So I thought since today is the first day of Spring 2014, I would post a Throwback Thursday that has something to do with growing stuff. Even though my parents let me do this, it might not be a good idea these days to give it a try…you might really get busted or something. So anyway, yeah…when I was a freshman in High School, I grew my own chewing tobacco…pretty crazy huh? How I did this was I first got the seed from my┬áVocational Agriculture teacher, Mr. Snyder. He was from southern Ohio and his family grew tobacco and also raised sheep and pigs. So I got the seed,started it in little flats in my basement and then when it was ready,I transplanted it to a little garden area that we had off to the side in the far corner of our back yard. The stuff grew pretty good considering the climate that we had in Hayesville. Once it was big enough,I cut it down and bunched it together to hang in our shed to let dry. It dried out pretty good. I then mixed up a little recipe to flavor it. That didn’t work out so good. I ended up pitching it all. Oh well…at least it was cool to try it I guess. After this failed attempt, I just stuck with the ole’ Union Workman and Copenhagen after that. Oh…and check out my stylish Landmark hat and vintage Falcons t-shirt. Pictured with me here is my old dog Lacy. She was a good girl.


Mark Leach Joel Echelberger Photography
Mark Leach
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Brody – Hillsdale High School Senior
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