The Zoo

I took Mallory and Max to the Akron Zoo today…we had a blast. The weather was perfect. Max is all over the place,he’s a riot. He’s a little afraid of the goats while Mallory can’t get enough of feeding them those crackers that they have there. The grizzly ridge exhibit is pretty cool too. We were lucky to have one of the grizzlys splashing around in the pool to get this photo of Mal. Max would not get off this garden tractor. He loved it. He loves any dude stuff…tractors,trucks,motorcycles…you name it. He really likes to get his screw driver out and fix stuff…it’s great.




First day of Kindergarten
The Ice Light
The Ice Light
high school senior swim photos akron photographer joel echelberger (2 of 3)
Mason H – High School Senior swim captain – Joel Echelberger Photography
amy smith black and white headshot
Amy Smith – Actress