Joseph Husak – Audio Engineer

Say hi to my newest buddy…Joe Husak – Engineer for the Cleveland/Akron based metal band Kriadiaz.  I met Joe as I first got to the location of the Kriadiaz photo shoot earlier this month. We talked a bit about the new Kriadiaz album. Kriadiaz are signed with Pavement Entertainment. I was straight up with him and let it rip…I FRICKIN’ LOVE THIS ALBUM !!! Joe did a killer job putting this thing all together for these fellas.  It sounds amazing.  I can’t really find a soft spot in the whole thing.  Joe kinda helped me carry my gear in and set up at the shoot so I thought I would just go ahead and use him for a couple test shots…to get the camera dialed in.  This is just one of the shots.  I think ole’ Joe looks pretty handsome…wouldn’t you agree?

Joseph Husak Kriadiaz Engineer/Producer

You can visit Joe’s Facebook page at this link…

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