The FASTEST way to process photos in Adobe® Lightroom® 4/5. Period.


I might have to get a Mac…just so I can use this !!

Introducing PFixer
PFixer from Pusher Labs is the ONLY solution available for Adobe Lightroom 4 & 5 on the Mac offering intuitive hardware-based control, custom keyboard shortcuts and gesture support in one complete solution.

PFixer Panel & Encoder
PFixer Panel & Encoder give you real-time adjustment of over 200 of Lightroom’s functions, presets and brushes. You can make as many adjustments as your fingers will allow, all simultaneously.


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hillsdale high school senior photos akron photographer akron senior photos (1 of 1)
Brody – Hillsdale High School Senior
1963 ford truck (5 of 6)
1963 Ford truck
Portrait photography by Joel Echelberger
Ray working in his shop
michael sisler stow munroe falls high school
Michael – Stow Munroe Falls High School Senior