Eye sharpness – proper exposure is key

I have a thing for eyes…and when I’m shooting, especially close…to get as much detail of the face as possible…the eyes must be sharp. I am weird about it. I know that once I set my machine to the gray card and I’m dialed in with my camera settings…the eyes are sharp at 100%…we are ready to rock. This was shot at 200ISO, f/2.5, 1/1000..with an 85mm prime. I rarely shoot at 200ISO but with all the snow and as bright as it was, I thought what the heck. I LOVE MY GEAR !!!! and….shooting photos !!


senior photos in akron editing photos lightroom (1 of 1)

bianca kontra green high school senior
Bianca – Green High School Senior
Portrait photography by Joel Echelberger
Ray working in his shop
Jason Seffern – we lost a good good friend
The Discounts Joel Echelberger Photography live 53114
The Discounts