Editing baby girl photo

I was going through some past sessions in my Lightroom catalog and wanted to post this shot up to my blog. This edit is pretty extreme for me. This shot was taken at a session in the the Starcher family’s back yard. This was also before I custom color balanced. When I got these images in to Lightroom, I had to edit the heck out of them. I picked this one photo of the little Lily so you could see how much editing I did to it. I cropped,color balanced,softened skin,sharpened…a ton of stuff. It goes to show you how much time and labor it can really take to get this kind of end result in a photo. You can view a complete image set from this session here.

before and after (1 of 1)-2

before and after (1 of 1)



Emily M.
barberton high school senior
Jump up on a loading dock
amy smith black and white headshot
Amy Smith – Actress
Tim Strickland family
The Strickland family – Akron,Ohio