High School Senior Swim Team Captain – behind the scenes Akron Photographer Joel Echelberger

Below are just three BTS images taken from the High School Senior shoot at a local YMCA. The last image on the page is the end result. You can see that I am using only one remote speed light on a stand. I used the beauty dish for some shots to concentrate the light more on Mason, but on a few I swung it out of the way and zoomed the head of the speed light in for a different effect. I was shooting at a shutter speed of 1/8000 of a second on these to totally eliminate the ambient light in the room. My other camera setting were ISO1000 at f/2.2.I used a 35 mm prime lens and the speed light was set at 1/4 power. (Thanks Denny for the BTS shots)




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Emily M.
Seattle band poster
kayla joel echelberger akron photographer
Kayla – Brockway Pennsylvania High School Senior
Wounded Porpoise