Behind the scenes at the Kriadiaz band shoot

Here are a few behind the scenes images snapped by my buddy Denny of Mobile Web Unit and Bryan the bass player of Kriadiaz at the photo shoot. Denny acted as my assistant,moving light stands and what-not. Thanks Denny !!!! I have shot Bryan and Dave before but never the complete band. What a bunch of goof balls. I had a blast hanging out with these guys and making some fun photos. You can check out a few images from this shoot here. Cleveland based Kriadiaz was formed in 2010 by former Mushroomhead guitarist Dave Felton. He is joined by fellow long time friends Bryan Trembley (bass), Emery Ceo (drums) and Mike Ruz (lead vocals). This is an outfit who’s influence drips with southern sludge metal in the vein of Pantera, Crowbar, Black Sabbath and Down while also incorporating their own brand of groove. Visit the Official Kriadiaz website here.





Sean Stow Munroe Falls High School Senior
Sean – Stow Munroe Falls Senior
Me, Steve and Petey
CAD Audio u37 USB microphone
barberton high school senior
Jump up on a loading dock