A killer night of metal

What a killer night of metal and friends at Sherlock’s Park Place in Erie,PA. with Kriadiaz,Requiem For Oblivion,Sacred 13 and Cerebral Plane. Me and my buddy Denny thought it would be good to get out of town for the night and go shoot some photos of the Kriadiaz fellas. It worked it perfectly. Denny was able to run lights while I was at the front of the stage there shooting. Oh…and Denny actually developed the Kriadiaz website. You can visit Denny’s site here and the Kriadiaz site here. This shot is obviously right behind the sound board where I kinda stashed my gear. You can see the live photos of Kriadiaz here and of the band Sacred 13 here.

Live metal at Sherlocks Erie PA

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